SalsaCrazy Presents: Learn to Salsa Dance, Beginner's Volume 2 and Volume 3.


We've outdone ourselves. The next two videos in our 3 volume sets are even better!  Presenting the historic music of the Benny Velarde Supercombo, we use their music to demonstrate all of our patterns, and to practice with you. We teach and break down some fantastic moves on our way to becoming intermediate dancers.  These videos are simply amazing!



Finished volume 1 and craving more? This video covers a slew of new patterns and foundational material!


  • Presenting the music of Benny Velarde!

  • Continue learning the secrets of Salsa Dancing!

  • The inside turn, hammerlock, cross hand hold, cross body lead, and much more . . .

  • Nearly 2 hours of fantastic new patterns.

  • Faster pace, breakdown, music, and fantastic content!

  • Filled with advice, tips, and key lessons!

  • You can't find these things anywhere else!

  • All patterns and steps demonstrated with music!

  • Will take your salsa dancing to the next level . . .

  • More Etiquette for Level 2 Beginners - that's entirely invaluable to your success.




Want to complete, and master, beginner level salsa dance?  Volume 3 is for you, but we warn you, it's challenging!


What's in volume 3 (nearly 2 hours long):

  • Cross Body Lead Inside Turns, Spins, intricate patterns and tricks - good training!

  • Designed to truly prepare you to become intermediate salsa dancers!

  • Great content, fully ready for the clubs!

  • Everything taught is lead-able and followable!

  • Learn some fantastic "shines"

  • Important secrets of leading and following revealed!

  • All patterns and steps demonstrated with music!

  • Techniques normally reserved for private lessons.

  • The concept of connection, detailed and explained.



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